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  • Mahou Shoujo no Jikan - 1997.10.25

    Kamen Budoukai (Shounentai)
    Chase Your Dream (Sakurai Tomo)
    Misa no Mahou Monogatari episode 2
    Tomo guessed the opening song correctly.

    Tomo played Kamen Budoukai by Shounentai, which was the song partially responsible for Tomo becoming an idol.

    Tomo read some letters (from the staff) for the "rippuku" [anger] corner. This was a corner where she read letters about things that make people angry.

    Tomo likes to eat breakfast at a coffee restaurant. She doesn't like it when they give her burnt toast..

    When Tomo was shopping in Alta (Shinjuku), a salary man asked her if she wanted him to buy her some clothes.

    There was another time when a young boy (probably younger than her) asked her if she would go out with him for money.

    Tomo doesn't smoke. But her parents smoke, so she is used to the smoke around her and it doesn't bother her that much.

    Then Tomo played her new song, Chase Your Dream.

    The drama was Misa no Mahou Monogatari, episode 2, Nazo no Kyuukesuki.

    Nippon Housou
    Sakurai Tomo Mahou Shoujo no Jikan

    [all CMs during the broadcast were for the Misa game.]

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