Ʒ Knight of Midnight 1995.05.12

Hiramatsu Akiko (ʿ)
Baburero Rap (Hiramatsu Akiko)
Big Love (Hiramatsu Akiko)
The guest was Hiramatsu Akiko.

Akira: The first impression is that you are a very genki and cheerful girl.
Akiko: But people say that if I keep my mouth shut, I look like an ojousama.
Akira: Instead of just doing anime voices, you have also done radio CMs, for some fast food chains?
Akiko: Yes, a long time ago.
Akira: So the listeners might have heard it.
Hitomi: What kind was it?
Akiko: I don't remember it too well, but I did it with Shioya Yoku. We were given names like "filet" and "sandwich", and we would call out each others names.
Akira: How long ago was that?
Akiko: I don't remember it too much, so it must be around 6 years ago.

Akira: You released an album recently related to Taiho Shichauzo?
Akiko: On May 3, the "first and final" album of the TPD (Tokyo Policewoman Duo) came out.
Akira: Was it already decided that it will be the first and final album?
Akiko: Yes. During the recording I asked the producer if we weren't going to sing any more, and he said that this would be it.
Akira: So if one misses this CD, there won't be any more.
Akiko: This is a very funny CD. The setting is.. The TPD had just finished a concert at the Budoukan. So it has some of the back stage stuff that goes along with a concert. It's a lot of fun. At the end, there is a "virtual date" section with Miyuki and Natsumi.
Akira: So the listener can "talk" to the CD and you will answer him?
Akiko: Yes, the listener can listen to the CD by himself and get into his own world..
Hitomi: But there is going to be only one of these CDs..
Akiko: Yes, but maybe if it sells well there might be more. So please buy it.

Akira: You also released your own album?
Akiko: Yes, my first full solo album will come out 5/25 and it's called Pain.
Hitomi: I thought it was pa-i-n.
Akira: What does it mean?
Akiko: It hurts, etc..
Hitomi: Is it that kind of album?
Akiko: No, it's a very fun album.
Hitomi: So it's got nothing to do with the title?
Akiko: It sort of matches. People grow up feeling pain.
Akira: Is it an up tempo album?
Akiko: Medium.
Akira: So it's a medium album?
Akiko: It has punk, rap, pop, talk.. It's a mix of everything.
Akira: So the talk has no music?
Akiko: Yes, I'm making hot cakes. We really made it.
Akira: You made hot cakes in a studio?
Akiko: No, we went to a real kitchen and recorded that part there.
Akira: That's a funny project. How was the hot cakes that you made?
Akiko: It was very good. I hadn't made hot cakes in a long time and it was very difficult and gross..
Akira: What about cooking in your everyday life?
Akiko: Cooking? I like eating.
Hitomi: Yes, I understand.
Akiko: As a girl we have to eat.
Hitomi: Yes.

Then they played Baburero Rap from Hiramatsu Akiko's new album.

Whatever best 3

Akira: Whenever we meet, it's always at a drinking place..
Akiko: Hahaha.. yes, it seems that way. But we met at Sailor Moon.. although we went drinking afterwards.
Akira: Since that was my first impression, I remember those more. So I would like to hear your best three related to alcohol. You do like alcohol?
Akiko: Yes, I like it very much.
Akira: So please tell us your three favorite drinks.

Akira: Number 3.
Akiko: Shinruuchuu, a very sweet Chinese sake.
Akira: Don't people say that bitter sake is better?
Akiko: For Japanese sake yes. But this is very, very sweet.
Hitomi: It's like juice?
Akiko: It's not thick like nectar, but it is very sweet.

Akira: Number 2.
Akiko: Kiiru. It's a pre-dinner drink sort of like mixing red and white wine.
Akira: So it's a wine?
Akiko: Yes. Also there is some fruit juice mixed in it.
Akira: So you like things with fruit?
Akiko: Yes.

Akira: Number 1.
Akiko: Hekiju Kubota.
Akira: That's a Japanese sake. I've heard of it before.
Akiko: The mysterious hekiju kubota.. it's very good.
Akira: Is it that good.
Akiko: Even for the kubota sake, there are many kinds. Hekiju is the most expensive and rarest one. When I went to a hanami party the other day, someone brought it, and it disappeared right away. I didn't drink it all. When I asked for seconds, it was almost all gone.

Then they played Big Love, another song from Akiko's album.

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