Knight of Midnight 1995.05.19

Title Knight of Midnight
Aired 1995.05.19
Hosts Ishida Akira (ΐΠΕΔΎ΄)
Mieno Hitomi
Guest Yayoi Mitsuki

The guest was Yayoi Mitsuki who does Adelicia of Legend of Crystania, which will come out this summer.

Akira: For those who are listening, they know you as Yayoi Mitsuki the seiyuu. But you also do acting work too. What kinds of things are different for seiyuu work and acting work?
Mitsuki: It's basically the same, but if it is seiyuu work, I wake up and sing a song before I go out.
Hitomi: So you wake up your voice.
Mitsuki: Yes, the throat. I have days when my high voice is working great and other days when my low voice is working. So I have to adjust my throat by singing to match the voice that I need for my work. When I have to act, maybe I take a long bath the previous night.
Akira: So the acting part is basically the same?
Mitsuki: Yes. But in the voice recording studios, most seiyuu don't move around that much.
Akira: There are some who do move around..
Mitsuki: Really? When I first started, I thought it was uncool to move, so I tried to keep myself from moving.
Akira: Isn't it easier to express yourself better when you move?
Mitsuki: But that's very embarrassing when there is a mike in front of me.
Akira: I understand. At home when I rehearse my lines, I move a lot and don't worry about the position of the mike and such. I turn around and move and say the lines. It feels great. But when I have to say the lines in front of the mike, of course we can move. But we can't make any other sounds and such so I'm more careful and it's harder.
Mitsuki: Yes, I get so tired. It's many times more tiring.
Akira: But for TV drama and such, there are times when you add the voices afterwards. In that case, you have to stand in front of the mike and talk.
Mitsuki: But in that case, since I already acted, it's different from just speaking without acting. With TV, since you can see more of what is going on, you don't stress the voices as much. So the range of voices is much more in seiyuu work.

Akira: Which did you do first, acting work or seiyuu work?
Mitsuki: I did acting work for 3 or 4 years before seiyuu work.
Akira: Wasn't it hard to switch?
Mitsuki: I didn't know the difference. (^_^) I just knew that we couldn't make noise (paper noises), we had to match the mouth movements, and such. These technical things were in my mind, so I didn't pay attention to the acting part.
Hitomi (to Akira): Wow, you're really listening intently.
Akira: This is very interesting.
Mitsuki: I thought that everyone was so professional.
Akira: Really? Is there anything that you need to do while acting that you don't have to do as seiyuu.
Mitsuki: I don't know of any. Everyone studies the script so carefully, and understand the story so well. When all of those katakana names come out, don't you ever get confused?
Akira: Yes. I do.
Mitsuki: Oh good. I thought it was just me.
Akira: In the foreign movies when I have to use technical words, I just act like I know everything. But I don't know anything.
Mitsuki: In drama and such, I never call myself "Maria" or such. It's always a Japanese name. But in anime, there are all sorts of names. So I'm always being moved by the other seiyuu when I do seiyuu work.
Akira: So when you did Gundam and Honneamise, you were being moved.
Mitsuki: Honneamise was my first seiyuu work. I didn't know anything at that time.
Akira: But now, you are used to it?
Mitsuki: But I don't have any regular characters, so by the time I get some seiyuu work, I'm nervous again.

Akira: This summer you will do Adelicia in Legend of Crystania. You did the same role in the previous radio drama. So how is this situation, where you do the same role?
Mitsuki: The radio and movie are different, so I feel it's a little different again.

Akira: There may be many of you who don't know the Crystania world, so in June we will air the radio drama during this program. So if you go to the movie theater after listening to the radio show, you might understand things a little better.
Mitsuki: The movie will start 8/5 all over Japan. Please go watch it.

Whatever best 3

Akira: I heard you are good at sports.
Mitsuki: I just like sports.
Akira: So if you have any records at sports..
Mitsuki: When I used to swim, the Olympic star Suzuki Daichi was swimming in the same club.
Akira: That's something you can be proud of.

Akira: I want you to tell us your top 3.. would you like to include that?
Mitsuki: I think that would be number 1.
Akira: Then tell us two more. That one will be number 1. Then number 2 is.
Mitsuki: When I went skiing, I got stuck in the snow and I didn't get rescued for a long time.
Akira: About how long?
Mitsuki: About one hour and ten minutes. There was a big pile of snow and I skiied right into it. I couldn't move or take my boots off. I couldn't even turn around to call for help.
Hitomi: You're lucky to be alive!

Akira: So number 3 is.
Mitsuki: I used to play ping pong. When people hear this, they are going to think that I am a little dark (personality). When I was in high school, I was in the Toshima ward tournament. There are two types of players; one who attacks with smashes, and one who is very defensive. My personality is to go with the smashes, but my coach told me to be defensive. In the tournament, I faced someone who was defensive too. I couldn't stand it any longer and tried to do smashes.. and of course I lost.

Mitsuki: I used to do a lot of sports, but I always quit when there was someone better than me.
Akira: Do you still do sports?
Mitsuki: I do it for fun now.

[Knight of Midnight]

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