Knight of Midnight 1995.06.09

Title Knight of Midnight
Aired 1995.06.09
Songs Angel Flower (Yajima Akiko)
Hosts Ishida Akira (ľ)
Mieno Hitomi
Guest Yajima Akiko (羽)

The guest was Yajima Akiko. She said, "Good evening," in Crayon Shin-chan and Paffy's voices. Then she kept talking for a while in Shin-chan's voice.

Akira: I wonder how you can changes voices like that so much..
Akiko: I wonder. But this is actually a little like the voice I use at home.
Akira, Hitomi: Really!?
Akiko: When I'm drinking juice and then I spill some, I go "Wa!" in Shin-chan's voice.

Akira: When you make a character's voice for example Shin-chan, you look at children and study them. But for Paffy, since you were a young girl before, what do you use?
Akiko: Usually when I do girls' roles, the characteristics are already made up. So when I see some parts of the character that is close to mine, I think about how I would do it.
Akira: So a part of Shin-chan is in you too?
Akiko: No. Shin-chan is someone who I admired (looked up at).
Akira, Hitomi: You look up at him? How?
Akiko: When I was going to nursery school, I was one who always got picked on. I was always crying. But Shin-chan is different. He would never cry. So I'm a little envious at him.

Akira: Since Shin-chan's image is so strong, do you have other roles that you have in your heart?
Akiko: Of course it is because of Shin-chan that I have become this well known and such. But I like all of my roles and characters. So when people say "Shin-chan, Shin-chan", I would like to say, "Please look at my other roles too." I have some cute roles too.

Hitomi: Is Paffy your natural character?
Akiko: If Paffy was, I would be so popular. No, I don't think girls talk like that now.
Hitomi: But this summer, you're going to have to become Paffy.
Akira: Why?
Akiko: We have a Ryuu Knight event all over Japan in August. Hitomi and Yuuki Hiro will be there too.

Akira: Are you going to sing songs at the events?
Akiko: I'm not that great at singing, so I don't know..
Akira: But in the new Ryuu Knight CD, you have a song?
Akiko: I sang as Paffy.

Then they played "Angel Flower", by Yajima Akiko.

Whatever best 3

Akira: The question is "What do you want the most right now?"
Akira: Number 3?
Akiko: Time. I wish I had more free time.

Akira: Number 2?
Akiko: Breasts. This is related to number 1. But I think it's better to have some.
Akira: Have you ever run into any problems because you didn't have much?
Akiko: Yes, for simple things.
Akira: For example?
Akiko: I'll say it with the number 1 answer.

Akira: Number 1?
Akiko: Height! I'm only 152 cm.
Akira: That's about normal for girls, isn't it?
Hitomi: Now the average is around 158 cm.
Akiko: Yes, I wanted to be at least 155 cm.. Also along with the number 2 answer, when I go buy clothes, I have to always fix it to make it fit. It's not cheap either.
Akira: Well, I can fit into ladies clothes. For jackets, when I think it looks nice, I guy ladies clothes. So can't you do the same thing and buy children's clothes?
Akiko: For the top, I can. But for the skirt, I can't.


There will be a new Crayon Shin-chan CD. Unlike the previous CDs, this one will have more of the characters, and there will be songs by kindergarten kids, etc.

[Knight of Midnight]

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