AniGe Master - 1998.05.18

Title AniGe Master
Aired 1998.05.18
Songs Ushiro Muki no Skip (Inoue Kikuko)
Cohosts Otakki Sasaki
Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)

The guest was Inoue Kikuko. She said that it has been one year since she saw Haruna. They first worked together in Furumoto Shinnosuke's Parachute Yuugekitai radio show.

  1. kaiten sushi
    Kikuko said that it would be more fun if the people who ate went around instead of the sushi.. Haruna said that she liked anago sushi.
  2. oyatsu [snacks]
    When Kikuko did some work for a game about 6 months ago (there was a lot of dialogue and it was difficult), so her manager asked them to give Kikuko some snacks. Kikuko didn't know about this, while she was working, and when it became 3 o'clock, they brought out the snacks for Kikuko. Then Haruna took out some milky and gave it to Kikuko, and Kikuko started eating it..
  3. Inoue simai no okite [law of the Inoue sisters]
    Kikuko and her sister decided that when they go to karaoke, they will go through the movements when singing.

Then they read some letters (questions) for Kikuko.

Q: If you can become small (like the little megami), what would you want to do?
Kikuko: If it was this instant, I want to swim in this can of tea.
Haruna: I want to eat a meatball.

Kikuko will be returning to work, a little at a time.

There will be a CD coming out on 9/2, consisting of all the songs from her "Onee-chan to Issho" CDs. The tentative name is "Shiawase Tambourine".

There will be a video coming out, "Kaettekita Onee-chan to Issho" in August.

There will be a Gundam MS 08 Shoutai movie this summer.

They they played "Ushiro Muki no Skip", as Kikuko left.

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