Aaa Megami-sama Otasuke Megami Housoukyoku

Title Aaa Megami-sama Otasuke Megami Housoukyoku
Aired 1997.08.03 27:00 - 28:00
Songs Onigiri (Skuld)
Tenrankai no E (Goddess Family Club)
Kimi wo Kaerarenai, Boku ga Tsutawaranai (Goddess Family Club)
Hanabira no Kioku (Urd)
Anata no Birthday (Belldandy)
Fortune Smiled on You (Urd)
Namida no Imi (Belldandy)
Jitensha (Skuld)
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Touma Yumi (ͳ)
Hisakawa Aya ()
Fujishima Kousuke [author of Aa Megami-sama]
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.08.06

The radio show started, and the three girls were eating senbe.
[senbe = rice cracker]

Kikuko said that mixing senbe and milk was good, and urged the others to do it..

The opening had "My Heart Iidasenai.." playing in the background. Kikuko introduced herself as 16 years old.. (^_^;) Yumi and Aya introduced themselves normally.

They said that there will be 4 Aa Megami-sama CDsingles coming out. One by the Goddess Family Club, one by Belldandy, one by Skuld, and one by Urd. The GFC girls wrote the lyrics for the megami songs.

There is also a promotion video of the GFC song, and that will be given away to 30 people as presents.

Kikuko kept saying that she's 16 years old, and a high school student. Yumi and Aya just sat there and didn't comment..

There was a "hi-tech" box in the studio, which had buttons. When someone pushed a button, a song will play. Skuld named the box "button-chan".

Kikuko went first and pushed number 3. The song "Onigiri" by Skuld started playing in the background. Aya said that she wrote the song for Skuld. Skuld likes ice cream, but that didn't fit the song, so she made it a song about onigiri.
[onigiri = rice ball]

Aya made a lot of onigiri at home, and wrote about her feelings. Aya said she made triangle shaped onigiri, and Yumi and Kikuko also said that that made triangle shaped ones.

Then they played "Onigiri" by Skuld. [just the first verse and chorus] Belldandy and Urd also sang a little bit in the chorus.

Yumi pushed number 1, and it was the GFC song "Tenranaki no E". Aya didn't recognize it when it started..

This song will be the ED song of the CD-ROM that will go on sale in autumn. The CD-ROM will have 120 full color pictures.

Aya: You can click on the pictures and make it big and such.
Yumi: Do you know what a mouse is?
Kikuko: That's the thing you move and click..

Then they played "Tenrankai no E".
Yumi sang first, then Kikuko, Aya, and all together.

Aya pushed 5. It was the GFC song and they went right into the song, "Kimi wo Kaerarenai, Boku ga Tsutawaranai".
[very nice song, faster than other GFC songs.]

The main character of the jacket cover is Hana-chan, the dog. The GFC girls where just posing with him.

Then they read some letters. Those who get their letters read will get the promo video.

Q: About Hana-chan, whos dog is it?
A: We "borrowed" it. It was very expensive.. more expensive than the GFC.

They said that it was a long photo session, and Hana-chan got tired too.

Then Kikuko pushed button number 7, and the "Banpei-kun" song started playing. Then Fujishima Kousuke also appeared.

A long time ago, when they were starting the work on Aa Megami-sama, they met each other and gave English nicknames for everyone. Fujishima Kousuke's nickname was Brian, and Gouda director's name was Steve. Kikuko remembered, but everyone else forgot. But she forgot what her own nickname was.

Fujishima drew a picture for the jacket recently. He used an air brush, and the ink got into his nose, even with a mask on. So the runny nose gets to be very colorful.. Then Kikuko said that she can make a beautiful song about that, and started singing the "Yume no Hanamizu" song..

Then Fujishima pushed button 2, and Urd's song "Hanabira no Kioku" started playing. This was a serious song about Urd and Troubador. Yumi said that she would like to see this story animated.

Then they played the ballad, "Hanabira no Kioku".

Aya pushed button number 9, and Belldandy's "Anata no Birthday" started playing.

This is a song about Belldandy celebrating Keiichi's birthday. Fujishima pointed out that he never did a birthday story in the manga.

Then there was a message from Belldandy, and they played the song.

Belldandy: Good evening everyone. I'm Belldandy, how are you? I want to give you all happiness. Thats how I sang this song. Hoping everyday is wonderful..

Then they read some more letters. One of the letters was from the USA!
[Eric Lunsford, from Houston, Texas.]

Aya: Can you read it?
Yumi: He's only using words that I know.

Then Yumi read the letter.

"Hello from the US! Everyone here is very excited about Goddess Family Club's new singles and I wanted to thank you very much for all your hard work. I love Oh! My Goddess so much and listen to your music every day. It has touched my heart and changed my life!"

Aya: What is he saying?
Fujishima: He's saying that Aa Megami-sama changed his life.
Aya: You understood?
Fujishima: Of course.
Aya: I didn't get any of it.

They wondered how someone from the USA would know about this, and if he would be able to listen to this..

Kikuko: Right now there is "Mr. Internet"..
Touma: Thank you very much Eric.
Kikuko: I can say it too.. "This is a pen."

Then they read some more letters.

After the letters, Kikuko pushed button number 6. The song was Urd's "Fortune Smiled on You". This was a very fast song.

At the end, there was a message from Urd.

Yumi said it was very hard to write the lyrics to this, as the chorus came up seven times. The first and last are the same, but the rest are different.

Then Fujishima Kousuke pushed button number 4. The song was Belldandy's "Namida no Imi".

There was the story in the manga where Belldandy got jealous. Kikuko started crying when she read it, and she imagined that story when she was writing the lyrics. It was very difficult to write. The first time she wrote it, the director said that it was no good. He said it was 0 on a scale of 1 to 10. Kikuko cried, so she got help from Sora to write this song.

Then they played "Namida no Imi". This is a fast song, a very cool song.

Then Aya pushed number 8, the last button. It was Skuld's song "Jitensha". This is based on the Sentarou story, where she didn't like bicycles, but began to like it.

Then they played a message from Skuld, and the song "Jitensha".

At the ending of the program, they played "Congratulations" in the background. Everyone who had their letter read will get the promotion video, and there will be 30 other people who gets the promotion video. They read 10 names.. [There was one person I know..]

There will be a 1998 calendar coming out. It is reserve only (must reserve by 10/7). But this CD-ROM is something that can't be used without a PC.

They all said their final good byes.

Kikuko said that she was 16 years old again..
Aya said that it would be great if this became a regular program.
Fujishima Kousuke said, "Thanks for listening, please brush your teeth and go to sleep."

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