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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.04.12

    Aki no Omlettes (Yuuseioujo)
    Honoo to Arashi (Nagasaki Moe)
    [The BGM was Honoo to Arashi.]

    Moe, Hisoka, and Asobi lived together for about one year. All of them are blood type B, and everyone lived at their own pace. They didn't have any problems. They took baths whenever they wanted. There were times when Moe rented a video, but fell asleep while watching it.

    [Moe made a lot of mistakes in pronunciation and reading..]


    Q: Please tell me about the Pat Labor 3 movie.
    A: Plans are underway, and it should be released next year. The director is Takayama Fumihiko, who had worked on Orguss 2 and Gundam 0080 before. Also Izubuchi Yutaka (who had done mecha designs in previous Pat Labor anime) will be a supervisor. The script writer will be Tori Miki, a mangaka. The story will be a "gaiden" (side story).

    Q: Please give me some information about Ikezawa Haruna.
    A: Haruna loves mini 4 ku (little model car racing). She had a tournament recently with the Animage editors. Haruna was born on 12/15, in Greece. She has type O blood.

    Haruna has a couple radio shows. She reads her own poetry on JWAVE (FM), on Monday nights, 23:45. Haruna also cohosts the True Love Story radio show on Bunka Housou with Kikuchi Shiho.

    Haruna appears every week on the new TV program Shibuya de Chu, as the assistant emcee.

    Rajimage Journal

    [Moe read the information slowly, and carefully.]

    The current issue of Animage has features on Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Slayers Try, and the late night anime. Also there is a 9 page special on the Evangelion movie.

    Voice Animage 13 has the results of the voice grand prix. There are features on Shiina Hekiru, Kouda Mariko, and Inoue Kikuko. Also there is an article about Elle Staff Promotions.

    Then they played Aki no Omlettes by Yuuseioujo.

    talk corner

    Moriya Hisoka likes to squeeze inside boxes and bags.

    Then they played Honoo to Arashi by Nagasaki Moe, which goes on sale 4/21.

    [The ending BGM was Knife.]

    Moe will have a campaign tour all over Japan for her debut single. The ones that are already fixed are: 4/26 in Osaka, 5/4 in Sendai, 5/10 in Tokyo, and 5/25 in Nagoya.

    [Moe Moe Rajimage]

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