Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.05.03

Title Moe Moe Rajimage
Aired 1997.05.03
Songs Daijoubu (Babbit)
Honoo to Arashi (Nagasaki Moe)
Hosts Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
Hashimoto Asobi (ͷ)

Asobi and Moe said that Hisoka was very predictable. They both talked about the things Hisoka does when she gets angry.


Q: Please tell me about Gundam 08 MS Shoutai. Also will there be a new Gundam after X?
A: The Gundam 08 MS Shoutai OAV series started in January 1996, so it has been over one year already. There are five volumes out so far. It was planned to be 12 volumes, but right now it is undecided. The release date of volume 6 has not been decided yet. The director of volumes 1 to 4 was Kaneda Takeyuki, who died last year. Volume 5 was directed by Iida Umanosuke, who used to work for Studio Ghibili.
There is currently no information about a new Gundam TV series.

Q: Please tell me about Higuchi Chieko.
A: Higuchi Chieko is a very cute high school student who does the voice of Mimori in Kero Kero Chime. She used to be a musical actress, and was in the Akazukin Chacha musical in the role of Orin and the Ririka SOS musical in the role of Anna. Chieko did the role of Takako in the Mizuiro Jidai anime. Chieko also has a radio show now.
Chieko was born on January 30, and her blood type is B. She is 154 cm tall.

Rajimage Journal

Hyper Hobby magazine has information about Star Wars, the new Evangelion toys line up, and figures from Batman.

The Gall Force comics went on sale.

The Kodomo no Omocha LD box will be released. It is a reserve only set, containing 13 LDs with karaoke music clips. The cost is 63000 yen, and it must be reserved by 6/30. The LD box will be released on 9/1.

Then they played "Daijoubu" by Babbit (a Kodomo no Omocha song).

talk corner

Moe went to Fuji Safari Park (for Voice Animage work). She hugged a baby lion, gave food to bears and lions, and saw a giraffe. Moe wanted to listen to the cry of the giraffe, but she didn't get to hear it.

Moe remembers reading a children's story of a giraffe who saved other animals from a fire by letting them slide down its neck. So Moe wanted to ride a giraffe too.

Then they played Honoo to Arashi by Nagasaki Moe.

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