Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.05.10

Title Moe Moe Rajimage
Aired 1997.05.10
Songs Iroveyou (Yuuseioujo)
Honoo to Arashi (Nagasaki Moe)
Hosts Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
Hashimoto Asobi (ͷ)

The girls talked about what they did during the Golden Week vacation. Asobi went to see movies. Moe went around on her CD single campaign. Hisoka went to work to help in the registration of students for their production. Then she went home and played games at night. Moe said that no matter how late she gets home, Hisoka plays games before sleeping. Right now Hisoka was playing a game that gives out her IQ. The first time she played, she got a zero (IQ can't be determined). Moe and Asobi said that they didn't know their own IQs.


Q: Is there going to be a Tamagocchi movie?
All three girls didn't have a tamagocchi, and it's very hard to get right now. For the 97 Toei Anime Fair (a set of three or four movies), there will be a tamagocchi movie, called "Tamagocchi Honto no Hanashi". It will be played along with the Nuubee, Kitarou, and Cutey Honey Flash movies. The tamagocchi movie will be a short gag movie around 10 minutes. The seiyuu are not determined yet.

Tamagocchi is an alien from Tamagocchi planet, and this story will be about its home planet. The ticket/poster went on sale 5/10.

Also there is a tamagocchi guide book on sale by Tokuma Shoten. It has pictures of the various stages of tamagocchi. But this book isn't a strategy guide.

Q: Is Sakurai Tomo on TV as a regular?
A: Yes, Sakurai Tomo is a regular on the BS (broadcast satellite) channel 2 show called Weekend Joy, 24:00 - 25:00. It's an informational program, just like the magazine Pia.
Also there is some Sakurai Tomo information at the Docomo information dial #9139, for those with cellular phones. Hisoka was at the recording for it, and said it was funny.

There are also other TV shows featuring seiyuu this year. Shibuya de Chu started in April, and Voice Animage 14 will have a special about seiyuu on TV.

Rajimage Journal

The June issue of Animage is out, and it contains the yearly anime grand prix results. There is also a feature about the Evangelion movie, and a booklet on Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

Then they played "Iroveyou" by Yuuseioujo, with lyrics written by Hashimoto Asobi. This will be on the Yuuseioujo album that will be released on 6/21.


Moe was walking on the streets alone, and Someone asked her where Nakano station was. Moe said that she gets asked for directions a lot. Most of the time, she doesn't know the answer. But this time she knew. She pointed in the direction.. but Moe usually points in the wrong direction.

Before going out, Moe usually asks Hisoka for directions, and writes down detailed directions. Hisoka said that she carries around a map so she doesn't get lost. She also has a kanji dictionary.

They read some letters. There was a question: I'm going to Tokyo on a school trip. Where should one go visit?
Hisoka likes Asakusa. They said that they all went together.. but Moe didn't remember.

Asobi said that one should go to the tall buildings.

Hisoka said the Tokyo Tower, even though many Tokyo people don't go there.

Moe also came to tokyo on her school trip, and went to Takeshita Doori (Harajuku).

Then they played "Honoo to Arashi" [two verses].

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