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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.05.17

    Sanctuary (Yuuseioujo)
    Honoo to Arashi (Nagasaki Moe)
    Asobi bought a doll of a cute little duck, but Hisoka "ate" it. Hisoka always puts things in her mouth (just like a cat).


    Q: Please tell me about Shiina Hekiru's summer concerts.
    A: Hekiru had her Budoukan live in February, and her next concert tour will be in July. In her previous lives Hekiru went to 10 locations, but this time she will go to 22. This is going to be the longest tour that she has ever done. The tickets go on sale 5/18.

    Q: Please tell me about the music in the "Elmar no Bouken" anime movie.
    A: Komuro and other members of TM Network will be involved. Komuro will be the producer, and look over casting. Kine Naoto will write the soundtrack, and the main theme will be sung by Utsunomiya Takashi. Yuuki (vocal of TRF) will do the voice of Elmar, and will also sing a song.

    Rajimage Journal

    The current issue of Animage has the results of the 19th anime grand prix. Evangelion took many of the awards. Also there is a Shoujo Kakumei Utena guidebook.

    There will be a seiyuu summer school starting 8/29.

    Then they played Sanctuary by Yuuseioujo, which will be on their album Kabi (Kari), which goes on sale 6/21.


    At Moe's house, they ate the curry and stew with it on top of rice. Usually, stew is served on plate, and curry is poured next to the rice.
    [We always had the curry on top of the rice too.. H.Doi]

    There was a letter from a listener who asked if any of the girls sleep on the train and miss their stops. They all said that they never missed their stops because of falling asleep.

    Then Asobi and Moe pointed out that Hisoka had said she missed the train stop before.. But Hisoka said that it was because she was reading a book, not sleeping.

    There was a time when Moe got on the wrong train and started reading a book. She rode the train for one hour and a half, and still didn't arrive at her destination. She got off, and didn't know where she was.
    [This was before she came to Tokyo.]

    Moe and Hisoka said that when Asobi gets angry, she starts throwing things..

    Then they played Honoo to Arashi [two verses].

    [Moe Moe Rajimage]

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