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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.06.21

    Iroveyou (Yuuseioujo)
    Honoo to Arashi (Nagasaki Moe)
    Yuyuseioujo will have events on 6/29 at some Animate shops in the Osaka area.


    Q: Please tell me about the music to Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
    A: The director is Ikuhara Kunihiko, and he choose the music for Utena. Ikuhara was influenced by music by J.A. Ceasor, that was used in previous plays, so he wanted to use it. Ikuhara sings a little bit in the chorus himself.

    Q: Please give me some information on seiyuu Hori Hideyuki.
    A: Hideyuki works for Aoni Productions, was born on 3/23 in Tokyo, and has type A blood. His first major role was the second Tiger Mask. Recently he appeared in G Gundam and Taiho Shichauzo (Strike Otoko). He did Pheonix Ikki in Saint Seiya. Now he is doing a lot of narration on sports programs and on the wide shows during the day.

    Rajimage Journal

    The Weiss novel is running in the July issue of Animage. There is lots of other anime information also.

    There will be a seiyuu summer school from 8/28 to 8/31, by Animage, Voice Animage, and Arts Vision.

    Then they played Iroveyou by Yuuseioujo.


    Moe had some trouble wearing her new shoes. She wondered if her feet had gotten bigger, but she was able to wear them. Then when she took off her shoes, she was very embarrassed. Moe found the paper rolled up inside.. Asobi and Hisoka both said that they have never done that before. Moe said that sometimes she forgets to take off the price tag.

    Then they read some letters. Someone asked about the superstitions. Hisoka believes many of them, even if they might not be true or make sense in modern times.

    They read another letter which asked, "what positions did you have in school?"
    Asobi said that she was the class president from 4th to 6th grade. Hisoka was in charge of taking care of the rabbits and chickens. Moe said that she was the health committe member, and she sat in the infirmary at school (3rd year of junior high). Asobi said that she was a library member in junior high.

    Then they read out the "keyword" for the present, "suga hachirou" (すがはちろう). The first part of the "keyword" was given last week.

    Then they played Honoo to Arashi by Nagasaki Moe.

    After the song, the "happy birthday" music was playing. The staff brought cake and drinks for Moe's birthday.. But someone spilled the champagne. Moe blew out the candles of the cake, which had a teddy bear on it.
    Moe: I want to challenge many new things this year.

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