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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.07.19

    Tensai Kishiwada Hakase (Animetal)
    Sanctuary (Yuuseioujo)
    It was summer vacation!

    Moe - straw hats, club activities, snakes.
    [There were snakes near Moe's house in the mountains.]
    Hisoka - pool, fireworks, homework.
    Asobi - baseball, fans, beer, tank top.


    Q: I would like information about Kusao Takeshi's fan club.
    A: The fan club exists, and is called "Mothership 930". To join, send a self addressed envelope to the fan club, and they will respond with a form to send in. The cutoff date is end of July. The address is.


    Q: Is Misutenaide Daisy going to be made into an anime?
    A: Misutenaide Daisy is a manga which ran in Shonen Captain around 10 years ago, by Nagano Noriko. It's a SF love comedy. The anime started on TV Tokyo (only) in the first week of July. It runs on Wednesdays at 25:45 to 26:15. There are 12 episodes planned in all.

    The seiyuu information is as follows.
    Techmo [main character] :: Hayashi Yasufumi
    Hitomi [Daisy] :: Iinuma Kiho
    Yamakawa X :: Morikawa Toshiyuki
    Sayori :: Miura Urara
    Tami :: Natsuki Rio
    Teacher :: Shimamoto Sumi

    The character design is done by Nakajima Atsuko.

    Rajimage Journal

    The August issue of Animage is on sale now, and it contains a major feature article on Mononoke Hime. There is also a large Mononoke Hime poster.

    Naritai magazine is on sale, and it contains information on what one has to do to work in various jobs, such as the media, becoming a star or seiyuu.

    There will be a Voice Animage event on 8/1 at 14:00 in Yono City in Saitama. Girls Be (Kuwashima Houko and Toyoshima Machiko) will have a signing session. There will be 300 tickets available, call 048-859-4946 for more information. Books Repo Shoraku.

    Then they played Tensai Kishiwada Hakase by Animetal.


    Hisoka was playing with a panda key holder that can record short messages. Moe thought that pandas and bears are similar. She wondered if pandas and bears talked the same language..

    Then Hisoka said bears and pandas were the same because you can buy panda dolls where you can buy bear dolls. But moe said that they don't have pandas in teddy bear shops. Then Hisoka said that teddy bears weren't bears.

    Then Moe, Hisoka, and Asobi talked about pandas and bears..

    They read some letters. There was a question: is a zebra, white stripes on black, or black stripes on white?
    Moe said that it was white stripes on black skin, and the letter said that the natural skin of a zebra was black (or chocolate colored).

    Then they played Sanctuary by Yuuseioujo.

    [Moe Moe Rajimage]

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