M's Garden - 1997.12.02

Mother (Puffy)
Graduator (Shiina Hekiru)
Office Wars (Charuru)
Crime Crackers 2 act 6
The first song was Mother by Puffy.

The second song was Graduator by Shiina Hekiru. This was the song of the month. This CD will be released next year, and Hekiru will come as a guest sometime.

The guest this week was Charuru, a two girl group, made up of one antenna Samantha and two antenna Romy. They are supposed to be "aliens".

They read letters with Moe.

One listener who came to Tokyo noticed that everyone stood on the left and walked on the right on escalator and moving walkways. Moe said that she noticed that too.
(Moe mistook an elevator and escalator!)

Then they played the debut song by Charuru, Office Wars.
[This reminds me a lot of Pink Lady.]

They want people to sing and dance this song at drinking parties.

There will be a Charuru event at Tower Records Shibuya 8F 13:00, 12/6. Pictures will be allowed!

The drama was Crime Crackers 2 act 6.

A 1998 Nagasaki Moe calendar will go on sale at the Christmas Fantasy Live.

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