M's Garden - 1997.12.09

Title M's Garden
Aired 1997.12.09
Drama Crime Crackers 2 act 7
Songs Haru ha Madaka (Hamada Masatoshi)
Graduator (Shiina Hekiru)
Tenshi no Kieta Eve (Kusunose Seishirou)
Host Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Guests none

The first song was "Haru ha Madaka" by Hamada Masatoshi.

Moe said that people always tell her that she doesn't know many common things. She didn't know the name of the most popular pokemon. So there was going to be a new corner where the listeners send in questions for Moe.

The second song was "Graduator" by Shiina Hekiru, her new single that will go on sale in January. Hekiru will come as a guest next week.

Moe read a lot of letters for the "Moe ni dengonban" corner.

Moe said that she wants to wear "juuni hitoe" (traditional ceremonial kimono), that weighs around 20 kg. She said she wants to wear a wedding dress too, but she would choose the juuni hitoe. Moe read a manga when she was in junior high that had princesses and characters from the Heian era, and she began to like that world.

Moe said that she doesn't like to throw away things, and she keeps things in boxes.

Then she played "Tenshi no Kieta Eve" by Kusunose Seishirou.

Moe wondered if it will be a white Christmas this year. She said that she had never seen a white Christmas before.

The drama was Crime Crackers 2 act 7.

A 1998 Nagasaki Moe calendar will go on sale at the Christmas Fantasy Live 97 event.

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