M's Garden - 1997.12.16

Shiina Hekiru (̾ؤ)
Drive (Smile)
First Morning (Water of Life)
Graduater (Shiina Hekiru)
Crime Crackers 2 act 8
The first song was Drive by Smile.

Moe said that she cleaned her room recently. She moved her furniture around, but discovered that it wasn't too dirty.

Moe said she was going to be in a drama. She has to go to Aomori for the filming.

The second song was First Morning by the Water of Life.

Then Shiina Hekiru came. This was the first time that Hekiru and Moe met, even though their record companies were the same.

At Sony, Hekiru had seen posters of Moe, but this is the first time they met. (Hekiru and Moe ae both very boke.. ^_^;)

They read letters for the Moe ni Dengonban corner.

Hekiru didn't like meat that much, but this year she became able to eat beef. Moe said she became able to eat liver this year. Hekiru said that she can't eat liver or beef tongue (at yakiniku).

Hekiru said that she felt Moe's nervousness when they met. She also said that since Moe looks very closely at a person with her big eyes, it can be very perplexing.

They talked about Hekiru's new single Graduater, that will go on sale 1/22.

Then they played it. [the whole song]

Hekiru will release a new album Baby Blue Eyes on 2/1. She spent a long time making this one.

She will also have a concert tour in February, and tickets will go on sale 1/11.

The drama was Crime Crackers 2 act 8, the final episode.

The "Moe ni Install" corner will start next week, where the listeners send in some common sense questions for Moe.

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