M's Garden - 1997.12.23

Ginza (Furuuchi Touko)
Graduator (Shiina Hekiru)
Mother (Puffy)
Yuki no Furu Machi (Unicorn)
Moe: Merry Christmas!

The first song was Ginza by Furuuchi Touko.

Moe went to Aomori for the filming of the drama, Tsugaru Hirosaki Satsujin Jiken which will be broadcast in February (Kakyou Suspense Gekijou). This was Moe's first time filming a drama. Moe played the role of a nurse.
Moe: Can you imagine me as a nurse?

They told her it was very cold in Aomori, so she brought a lot of sweaters and coats. It was very hot in Haneda, as she was wearing everything. But when she got to Aomori, it was very cold. There was a lot of snow on top of the cars at the airport.

Moe said she has to go to Aomori again next week.

Then she played Graduator by Shiina Hekiru.

Moe read some letters for the "Moe ni dengonban" corner.

Then she played Mother by Puffy.

The next corner was "Moe ni Install". Moe didn't know that "install" meant putting software into a computer. This was a corner where listeners sent in some common sense questions for Moe.
Today, Moe answered the question (about Speed) correctly.

The next song was Yuki no Furu Machi by Unicorn.

Moe will perform in the Christmas Fantasy Live later today (12/24), and there will be a 1998 Nagasaki Moe calendar going on sale.

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