M's Garden - 1998.01.13

Joker G Code Mix (TM Revolution)
First Morning (Water of Life)
Haru ha Madaka (Hamada Masatoshi)
Graduator (Shiina Hekiru)
The first song was Joker G Code Mix by TM Revolution.

It's almost the "seijin shiki" (20 year old festival). Moe will turn 20 this year, so her day is next year. She wondered what kind of things they do.. Last year, she went to Disney Land on 1/15. Moe said that she wanted to wear a kimono.

The next song was First Morning by the Water of Life.

Moe read letters for the "Moe ni dengonban" corner. One of them was about the big snow the previous week (1/8). Moe said that one of the members of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan couldn't make it home on that day, and she caught a cold.

Moe said that she has been eating a lot of oranges this year.

The next song was Haru ha Madaka by Hamada Masatoshi.

The next corner was "Moe ni install". The question was about "TM Revolution". What does "TM" stand for? Moe guessed wrong, "Takanori music revolution". The correct answer was "Takanori makes revolution".

The next song was Graduator by Shiina Hekiru.

Moe said that she has been rehearsing for Jitterbug recently. She will try a dance called "Lindy Hop".

The 1998 Nagasaki Moe calendar will be sold at the play too.

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