M's Garden - 1998.01.27

Title M's Garden
Aired 1998.01.27
Drama none
Songs Kao Dekai (Fanta)
For Me (W)
Graduator (Shiina Hekiru)
Ashioto (Makihara Noriyuki)
Host Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Guests none

Moe said that she lights up a lavender scented candle before sleeping, so that she can calm herself and become drowsy (a form of aromatherapy).

The first song was "Kao Dekai" by Fanta, which is the opening song to Dr. Slump.

Moe recently felt that there was a TV drama that she wanted to watch every week, "Tsumetai Tsuki" with Nakamori Akina and Nagasaku Hiromi. But she usually doesn't have time to watch it every week, and she doesn't know how to set the timer on the video. Also Moe likes Nakamori Akina's songs, and sings "Kenshi Onna ha Taiyou Datta" when she goes to karaoke.

Then shen played "For Me" by W (?), which is a song used in Tsumetai Tsuki.

The next corner was Moe ni Dengonban, and she some letters.

Moe went skiing for the first time when she was in junior high. She went with people who can ski, so she was put into a ski class. But it was too crowded, and she had to wait a lot (it was cold), and she thought it wasn't fun at all. But later when she skiied by herself, she found that it was a lot of fun.

The next corner was Moe ni install.

The next song was "Ashioto" by Makihara Noriyuki, which was the theme song of the Nagano Olympics torch relay.

Moe said that she wanted to ride a dog sled.

The play "Jitterbug" starts tomorrow. Moe said she was very nervous.

The address for sending letters has a new 7 digit postal code.

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