M's Garden - 1998.02.24

Shimizu Kazuhiko (Water of Life)
Ne Onna Jounetsu (Oguro Maki)
Aoi Hekireki (TM Revolution)
First Morning (the Water of Life)
Cross (the Water of Life)
The first song was Ne Onna Jounetsu by Oguro Maki.

Moe said she recently found out why a "oyako don" was called oyako don..
[oyako = parent and child]
[oyako don = chicken and egg on top of rice.]

The next song was Aoi Hekireki by TM Revolution.

The guest was Shimizu Kazuhiko (Water of Life). This was his second time as a guest on this show.

Then they read letters and talked for the "Moe ni dengonban" corner.

Kazuhiko said that the most important thing when living alone is a phone. Also he said that he eats out most of the time.

Then they played First Morning by the Water of Life.

The next corner was "Moe ni Install".

The question was about the difference between PHS and cellular phones. Kazuhiko explained a lot about the differences. Moe doesn't have a portable phone, so she didn't know much about them.

The next song was Cross by the Water of Life.

The Water of Life will have a live at On Air Nest on 2/25.

Super Sonic Float (who sings the ED song) will have a live on 3/6 at On Air West, and Moe will also go there and go on stage. The tickets go on sale 2/27.

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