M's Garden - 1998.03.17

Live to Blue (L'arc en Ceil)
First Morning (Water of Life)
My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
Saikou na Hibi (Super Sonic Float)
Moe said that she liked Belgium waffles. She likes the plain one by Mannenken.

The first song was Live to Blue by L'arc en Ceil.

It's the middle of March, but it's still cold.

Moe said she went to Zao in Yamagata over the weekend, for her fan club ski trip. This was the fourth time that she went skiing, and it had been one year since she went skiing. But she did fall a lot. Moe also went into the onsen (outdoor onsen in the snow).

The second song was First Morning by the Water of Life.

The next corner was "Moe ni dengonban".

Moe said that her skis were 163 cm tall, and pink in color.

Moe said that she didn't cry at her graduation, both elementary school and junior high school. Everyone around her was crying, but she was just laughed (and stood out because of that).

The next song was My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion [from the movie Titanic].

Moe said that she saw Titanic too, and liked it a lot.

The next corner was "Moe ni install".

The last song was Saikou na Hibi by Super Sonic Float.

Moe said that she started rehearsing for her spring play, which will take place from 4/8 to 4/12.

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