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  • Only Sentimental Night 2 - 1999.04.06

    Suzuki Mariko (Τ)
    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Arishima Moyu (ͭ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
    Oda Michiko (һ)
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    Yonemoto Chizu ()
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
    295 days until Sentimental Graffiti 2 goes on sale.

    Machiko was the "leader". Then everyone introduced themselves, and made a little comment about what they did during the last 6 month (when the SG radio was off the air).

    Machiko said that she grew 5cm. That's a lie. She said that SG2 was a surprise, as it has a new main character and it has a totally different feeling from the first game.

    Chizu said that it doesn't feel like 6 months.

    Mariko said she had a birthday.

    Yuka said that she had a high fever and she couldn't take a bath for four days. It felt great to take a bath again.

    Asami said she cut her hair very short. She said it was the first time in her life it was cut this short, so she's surprised when she looks in the mirror.

    Yuki said that her hamster grew very old during these 6 months.

    Urarako said that not much has changed.

    Hiromi said that she tried to become more feminine.

    Michiko said that she had a birthday.

    Ai said that she became interested in socks, and coordinating them with her clothes.

    Yukiko said that she went to the city office and finally changed her official address.

    Then Arishima Moyu introduced herself as the new Adachi Taeko.

    The new grouping for this radio show are:
    A - Machiko, Chizu, Mariko
    B - Moyu, Ai, Michiko
    C - Yuki, Asami, Yuka
    D - Yukiko, Urarako, Hiromi

    The personalities will change every week.

    [Only Sentimental Night 2]

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