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  • Only Sentimental Night 2 - 1999.05.18

    Maeda Ai (前田愛)
    Oda Michiko (小田美智子)
    Arishima Moyu (有島もゆ)
    254 days until Sentimental Graffiti 2 goes on sale.

    The cohosts were group B (Ai, Michiko, Moyu).

    Ai said that when she was walking at night, there was a bicycle parked on the street, and there was something moving in the basket. Ai thought it was an animal, but it turned out to be two Furby dolls.

    The first corner was "wakaremichi", where people sent in letters telling of their big decisions in life. They all talked about the teachers that they liked.

    The next corner was "jinseiban mistake", where people sent in letters telling of their big mistakes in life. Michiko said that her older brother was a policeman.

    Moyu said she makes so many little mistakes that she forgets about them.

    Michiko was in the Fuji TV building the other day, and she stood in front of a glass door. But the door didn't open. Actually she was standing in front of a glass window, not a door. Some other person even lined up behind her too.

    The next corner was "nine doors", where they pick a different topic every month. The topic of this month was "arbeit" (part time work).

    Ai said that she bought some Dragonball (picture trading cards) carddas with the money she got from her first part time work.

    The topic for next month is "dream".

    The ending message was by Oda Michiko. Michiko read a poem that she wrote.

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