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  • Only Sentimental Night 2 - 1999.07.13

    Oda Michiko (小田美智子)
    Maeda Ai (前田愛)
    Arishima Moyu (有島もゆ)
    The hosts were Maeda Ai, Oda Michiko, and Arishima Moyu, with Michiko as the leader.

    Ai said that when she went to wash her clothes, she found two T-shirts in the washing machine. (Those were shirts she washed the previous time, but forgot to take out..)

    Moyu said that since it was July, she is afraid of Nostrodamus.

    There was a question by a listener asking if it was all right to say hi to them when they see them on the streets. Moyu said that it was ok, and she welcomed it. But Ai and Michiko said that it would depend on the situation. There are times when they don't want to be bothered.

    The first corner was "wakaremichi", where listeners send in letters describing situations where they had to make a decision.

    The next corner was "jinseiban mistake", where listeners send in letters about their mistakes.

    One guy said that when he was putting on his gym clothes, and he stuck his arm in his shirt, he noticed something in the sleeve. It was his mother's bra..

    The next corner was "nine doors", with the topic of this month being summer vacation.

    Ai said that she remembers always doing her homework on the last day of summer vacation.

    The ending message was a poem by Arishima Moyu.

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