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  • Only Sentimental Night 2 - 2000.01.11

    Maeda Ai (前田愛)
    Oda Michiko (小田美智子)
    Arishima Moyu (有島もゆ)
    It was 71 days before Sentimental Graffiti 2 goes on sale. The cohosts were Maeda Ai, Oda Michiko, and Arishima Moyu.

    Moyu said that she went to Disneyland, but it was very crowded and she could only ride three rides.

    The first corner was "wakaremichi".

    Michiko said that she doesn't like cream spaghetti that much.

    The next corner was "jinsei ban mistake".

    Ai said that she often buys the same manga twice thinking that she hadn't bought it yet. Michiko said she does the same thing.

    Michiko announced that there will be a Sentimental Graffiti 2 reservation campaign. Those who reserve at Sega Partner shops between 1/17 and 2/16 will also get a special disk, Third Window. This will contain a comment movie of the SG seiyuu, and the "complete" collection of SG illustrations.

    Mr. Tabeta of NEC Interchannel will come as a guest on 1/25. People can send in questions for him.

    The next corner was "eiga wo mimashita" (I saw a movie). Ai went to see American History X.

    Someone asked if the girls liked dubs or subs of foreign movies. Ai, Michiko, and Moyu all said that they liked subs. (^_^;)

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