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  • Only Sentimental Night 2 - 2000.02.22

    Suzuki Urarako ()
    Mannaka Yukiko (ͳ)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    It was 29 days before Sentimental Graffiti 2 goes on sale. The cohosts were Suzuki Urarako, Mannaka Yukiko. and Konno Hiromi.

    Urarako said that almost 1/6 of the year 2000 was over. Hiromi didn't understand, and was thinking about it.. Yukiko understood it.

    There will be an event on 2/26, NEC Interchannel Fan Kansha Day, and the girls were looking forward to it.

    There was a question to Urarako asking if there was some food that she doesn't like. Urarako quickly yelled out that there wasn't anything she didn't like.

    Hiromi said that there were many things that she doesn't like. She doesn't like the pickles in hamburgers, but Urarako forced her to eat it when they went out together. Yukiko said that she can eat almost everything. But she doesn't like sea urchin.

    The first corner was "wakaremichi".

    The next corner was "jinsei ban mistake".

    The next corner was "eiga wo mimashita" (I saw a movie). Hiromi went to see the movie Magnolia. She said that it was a difficult movie to understand.

    Hiromi said that she played a lot outdoors when she was little.

    At the end of the broadcast, Hiromi said that she finally understood the comment that Urarako had made about the year being 1/6th over.

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