Parachute Yuugekitai - 1996.08.17

Title Parachute Yuugekitai
Aired 1996.08.17
Host Furumoto Shinnosuke (ܿǷ)
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)

In the opening, they used the song Monster from Pink Lady. Shinnosuke said that they are using an EP record, because they couldn't find a CD.

Kikuko: It brings back memories..
Shinnosuke: How long ago was this?
Kikuko: It was when I was 18, so about 3 years ago.
Shinnosuke: Oi oi!
Kikuko: Please don't worry about it too much.

Shinnosuke: How is your newlywed life?
Kikuko: Let's go on to other things.
Shinnosuke: How is your cooking?
Kikuko: I think of health first.
Shinnosuke: A healthy menu? Do you cook yourself?
Kikuko: Do you cook yourself?
Shinnosuke: Don't ask me. I can cook for myself. I bought a cheap rice cooker. But it doesn't cook well and it takes about an hour and a half to cook the rice!

Somebody came to talk about the Play Station game Aubird Force. It's a 3D battle simulation game. The maps are polygons, and you can change your viewing angles. It will go on sale at the end of October, for 6800 yen. The first edition will come with aa 32 page booklet with lots of detailed descriptions, and a picture CD-ROM. Inoue Kikuko also does a voice in this game.

Kikuko: It's a very cool voice.

Shinnosuke: Did you go see fireworks?
Kikuko: I love fireworks. The other day I went to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise to see fireworks.
Shinnosuke: I went to Yomiuri Land and Sumida River.

Shinnosuke: Do you choose by looks or heart?
Kikuko: I choose by heart for sure. There may be different kinds of favorites for foods and such, but I want to like someone who has a nice heart.

Shinnosuke will do an event on 8/22 at the Tokyo Game Show, in the Bandai booth with Ikezawa Haruna. It will start at 11:00.

Shinnosuke will do another challenge. This time it will be close to something that cries, close to nature, and he will be going a little bit far. The people who guess his next challenge correctly will get presents.

[Parachute Yuugekitai]

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