ѥ饷塼ͷ - 1996.09.07

Broadcast 46
Matsui Naoko (ں)
Sucharaska Puu Monogatari
Shinnosuke: It's September already!
Kikuko: Didn't your heart start pounding at the "seat changing"?
[In Japanese schools, they change the seating order every semester, and you have to sit there the whole semester.]
Shinnosuke: Really?
Kikuko: You didn't? With the change in seats, that determines your fate for the rest of the semester.
Shinnosuke: Really? I wasn't affected by the people around me, so I didn't care.
Shinnosuke: But after summer vacation, it was interesting to see the difference in some girls. Some of them had colored their hair, etc.
Kikuko: Some girls turned bad..

Shinnosuke said that they had received a lot of letters from listeners who were guessing his next challenge. The hints are: there is an animal crying, it's close to nature, and he will go a little bit far. Many people guessed something with Mt. Fuji, but that's wrong. There were already a few people who guessed correctly.

One listener sent in an old newspaper from 1969.
Shinnosuke: That's the year I was born.
Kikuko: I wasn't born yet.
Shinnosuke: Liar!
Kikuko: I'm sorry.

Shinnosuke read out some of the TV program listings from the newspaper. He mentioned that one of the pro-wrestling matches was really great..

They did the Sucharaska Puu Monogatari drama.

Matsui Naoko did one of the voices as a guest character, a 18 meter giant manbou, who disguised herself as a show girl to work in a lingerie pub.

[end of drama]

After the drama, Shinnosuke and Kikuko talked with Matsui Naoko.

There will be a video series called Seiyuu Hakusho coming out on 9/25. There will be a total of 12 volumes, 3800 yen each. The first two volumes will be Yokoyama Chisa and Matsui Naoko.

Shinnosuke: What are you doing in this?
Naoko: I was involved in the planning and production of it.
Kikuko: Her style is very good. People say it's number one in the seiyuu world. So it should be an interesting video.

There will also be a Silent Moebius CD-ROM (windows and MAC) coming out on 11/25, for 9800 yen.

Kikuko: You're the main character?
Naoko: Yes, I'm Katsumi Liqueur. We've been doing it for around 7 years.

This CD-ROM will be a new story, with the full cast.

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