Parachute Yuugekitai - 1996.09.14

Title Parachute Yuugekitai
Aired 1996.09.14
Drama Lips the Agent mission 3 part 1
Host Furumoto Shinnosuke (ܿǷ)
Guests Inoue Kikuko (׻)

Shinnosuke: Have you seen a play recently?
Kikuko: No.
Shinnosuke: Have you seen a movie recently?
Kikuko: No, but I want to.
Shinnosuke: Have you gone to a concert recently?
Kikuko: No.
Shinnosuke said that he went to see a play recently, where the actors were so wild that their sweat went flying into the audience.

Someone sent a letter asking about a Takara Can Chuuhai TV CM. It's a CM with Matsuda Seiko and a foreign girl. Kikuko does the voice of a "megami" in that CM, in a very adult voice.

They talked about Sega Saturn Gundam Gaiden, that will go on sale 9/20, 4800 yen. The first pressing will come with a badge. Shinnosuke played the final stage of the game, but got killed. His ranking was "E". The Gundam Game has rankings of "A" to "E".

Shinnosuke announced what his "challenge" was going to be. He is going to swim with some dolphins in Miyakejima. There were 5 people who had guessed correctly.

Kikuko chose her nickname.. "Gyocchan".

During one of the CM shorts, Kikuko said, "This is a pen." in English.

The drama was Lips the Agent mission 3, part 1.

Furumoto Shinnosuke's band (Soul to Hot) will have a live on 10/11.

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