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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1995.10.29

    Nakao Ryuusei (仲尾隆聖)
    Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta (Iwao Junko)
    Angel Calling, Tenshi no Koe ga Kikoeru (Iwao Junko, Nakao Ryuusei)
    ? (?)
    Junko: How was this week for you? Two weeks ago, I cut my hair 7 cm. It's starting to grow back.

    Junko: I've always wanted a color copier and I've been saving for it. I finally bought it! People said the I shouldn't give a name to my Mac, so I didn't. But I named my copier "Gata Gata Pi". He's very fast at printing out, but when I turn it on, it makes the sound "gata gata pii.." like he's working very hard. So I named it "Gata Gata Pi".
    [I think Junko is talking about a printer, not copier. - H.Doi]

    Junko: I've ridden Splash Mountain before, but I was very scared. I'm very scared of heights.

    Then Junko played Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta from her album 18 Bangai no Kiseki, which will go on sale 11/1.

    The guest this week was Nakao Ryuusei.

    Ryuusei sang a duet with Junko in her new CD. They played Angel Calling, Tenshi no Koe ga Kikoeru by Iwao Junko and Nakao Ryuusei.

    Ryuusei: I haven't done many humans recently. I do baikin or rats or kangaroos.. Sometimes I feel like I want to do people's voices too.

    Ryuusei: Since the kids show that I do are aimed at 3 and 4 year olds, I get requests from friends asking me to call their kids with Baikin-man's voice. It really makes the kids happy.

    Nakao Ryuusei was growing a beard, so Junko didn't recognize him at first. Ryuusei was growing a beard for his role in a play that he is going to be doing.

    81 Dramatic Party (the performance group) will be doing plays a couple times per year. Nakao Ryuusei and Toda Keiko will be doing a live event every year (they have done two so far).

    Then it was time for Haruna's Puku Puku Jouhyoukyoko.

    This corner is supposed to be for information from anime recordings and CD recordings, etc.. But Haruna hasn't done any of them yet, so she continued talking about her school life. (^_^)

    Haruna: There are times when I have to go to work right after school. The other day I was heading to work without eating lunch, and one of my friends gave me a yogurt.

    Haruna: I am doing some work at NHK, and I have to wear nice clothes. So sometimes I go to school wearing a suit. Also sometimes I go to school after work, and I don't have time to take off the dark TV makeup. People ask me what's wrong with my face..

    Then they played some song (didn't catch the title).

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