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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1995.11.19

    Hidaka Noriko (日高のり子)
    Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta (Iwao Junko)
    Ashita he no Tsubasa (Hidaka Noriko)
    Junko explained the naming of the radio show.
    Junko: Several months ago, I named the Internet mailing list Puku Puku Penguin Park. My cheeks are puku puku (puffy), and I'm a penguin, and I think it's fun if a lot of penguins were in a park.

    Junko: I get a lot of letters asking about my blood type. I hadn't checked it yet. So I built up my courage, and went. I was very nervous. They checked my height (153.5 cm) and weight, and then I came home. I was so nervous that I didn't know that they didn't take my blood. I found out later that they will only do it if one weighs more than 40 kg. So I was too light. I said last week that I had gained two kilograms, but I always lose it very quickly too.

    Junko and Haruna read some letters.

    Then they played Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta from Junko's Christmas album.

    The guest this week was Hidaka Noriko.

    Noriko's debut was as a member of Sundays in Let's Go Young. Junko was a big fan of Noriko and had bought all of her albums.

    Junko and Noriko talked about many things..

    Then they played Ashita he no Tsubasa, the ED song to OZ Kids. OZ Kids is about the kids of the members of the Wizard of OZ. Hidaka Noriko's role is Dot, who was Dorothy's kid. The CD single will go on sale 11/22.

    Noriko and Junko both said that it was their dream to be in Miyazaki, Disney, and Meisaku Gekijou anime.

    Noriko: I will have an essay book coming out next year. I'm supposed to be writing it now.

    Next it was Haruna's information corner. She played a little bit of a song from her new CD that will come out on 12/16.

    Q from a listener: Do you have a nickname?
    Haruna: There are people who call me Haruna. When I was little, I called myself Nana, so people who knew me then call me Nana. When I was in Thailand, I was called Garuna. When I was is Greece, I was called Runaparky. You can call me whatever you like.

    There will be an event at the TBS Hall (Akasaka) in December.

    • 12/21 - Ikezawa Haruna
    • 12/22 - Nozawa Masako
    • 12/23 - Iwao Junko

    For more information, call 03-3485-7790, weekdays 11 - 18.

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