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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1995.11.26

    Momo Kuro Bic
    Tenshi no koe ga Kikoeru (Iwao Junko, Nakao Ryuusei)
    ?? (Momo Kuro Bic)
    Nice and Easy (Momo Kuro Bic)
    Junko: What kind of week was it for you?
    Haruna: I fell a lot this week. I usually fall down even when there isn't anything. This morning, I fell down the stairs at the train station.
    Junko: Please be careful. But I can't say things about other people. I did a complete circle on the Yamanote line. Recently, I'm interested in pasocon tsuushin (PC on-line service) and reading. I was very sleepy and when I slept on the train, I saw Shinjuku twice.

    Junko read some letters from listeners.

    Junko: At a raffle in my area this summer, I won a camera. I was so happy I went around taking a lot of pictures.

    Then they played Tenshi no Koe ga Kikoeru by Iwao Junko and Nakao Ryuusei.

    The guest this week was the members from Momo Kuro Bic: Tanaka Tomoko, Toda Masako, Shigezumi Hiroko, and Okamura Makoto. Momo Kuro Bic was an acapella group that debuted about a year ago.

    Then they sang a song live.

    Then they played Nice and Easy, Momo Kuro Bic's second single.

    Haruna played a little bit of a song from her upcoming CD.

    There will be an event at the TBS Hall (Akasaka) in December.

    • 12/21 - Ikezawa Haruna
    • 12/22 - Nozawa Masako
    • 12/23 - Iwao Junko

    For more information, call 03-3485-7790, weekdays 11 - 18.

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