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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1995.12.24

    Kanemaru Jun'ichi (金丸淳一)
    Silent Night (Iwao Junko)
    Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta (Iwao Junko)
    Sora no Yubiwa (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Haruna was absent, so Junko was alone.

    Junko: I went to many concerts this year, but the ones that left a deep impression in me the most were Taniyama Hiroko and Yano Akiko. It was great. There isn't enough time to express my feelings. Taniyama-san is going to write some songs for my second album. Also I've started the recording for my second album.

    Q: I heard that you have a PC. What do you use it for? Why did you start using PCs?
    Junko: I was 18 when I first touched a MAC. I play piano, and I always liked to use my fingers. But I really liked touching the keyboard. I couldn't buy a computer back then, but I always went to Akihabara to touch the keyboards. That made me very happy. Eventually I was able to buy my own computer.
    Junko: You can use the computer for many things, like Pasocon-Tsuushin (personal computer on-line services). It's fun. There's also a Puku Puku Penguin Park room on the Internet. I can sit in front of my computer all day and not get bored. Also I got a midi and connected it to my electric piano. Before I said I got a color copy machine. It's actually a color printer. So I can make colorful New Years Cards. I really enjoy using the computer. If a robber broke into my house and stole my computer, I would cry all night. The computer is my boy friend now.

    There were many people who had sent in letters about seeing Junko on TV (special segment on the news).

    Then Junko played Silent Night from her Christmas album.

    Q: What is your life long dream?
    Junko: Even when I am an old grandmother, I would like to keep singing and doing seiyuu work. I would like everyone to hear my voice.

    Then Junko played Zutto Anata wo Sagashiteta from her Christmas album.

    Then Nagata Kozue and Matsuura Yukiko (two young seiyuu who were still studying) went to interview Kanemaru Jun'ichi.

    Jun'ichi: Most of the characters that I do are teenagers. I don't want my character to sound fake. I live near some high schools, junior highs, and some colleges. So when I go to a hamburger shop and such, I listen to the teenagers and watch them and I try to study from them.
    Jun'ichi: Next spring the messages that I have been writing in the anime magazine will be put together into a book. Also there is going to be a digest version Cyber Formula coming out.

    Then Junko played Sora no Yubiwa by Ikezawa Haruna, from Haruna's album Sweetie.

    Junko: Next year, I want to go ski!

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