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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.01.14

    Starship 1996 (Iwao Junko)
    Asa no Kiss wo (Iwao Junko)
    Omoide no Door (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Junko: January 15 is the day of age for those turning 20. I think we have some listeners who are 20 now. Congratulations!
    Junko: Also we have someone here who is 20!
    Haruna (in an adult voice): Hello, I've become an adult.
    Haruna (in her normal voice): But the inside of me hasn't changed at all!

    Haruna: Since the 10's birthday isn't something that happens often, I thought it was going to be a big deal. But I was so busy that day that I forgot it was my birthday. So I guess it wasn't such a big deal.

    Junko: But with 20, you can start drinking, legally. Also one can start smoking. But we don't.
    Haruna: Do you drink?
    Junko: Yes. Just to keep up with other people.
    Haruna: I've never been able to drink and think that it was good. Oh, I guess I'm admitting that I've drunk before I was 20.
    Junko: That's ok. Lots of people do it.

    Then they played Starship 1996 by Iwao Junko.

    Then they drew 10 letters for some special prizes.

    They played Asa no Kiss wo by Iwao Junko.

    Nagata Kozue and Matsuura Yukiko went to interview Mr. Hirano, a mixer for the anime Mojakou. The job of a mixer was to record the voices of the seiyuu, and to mix in the special effect sounds. He said that a mixer is not someone who just likes machines. He must also study about movies and animation.

    Then they played Omoide no Door by Ikezawa Haruna.

    Junko: What kind of adult do you want to be?
    Haruna: A nice lady like you!

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