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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.01.28

    Sumire no Tani (Iwao Junko)
    Yume wo Miteita (Shinohara Emi)
    Anata wo Wasuretai (Ishizuka Hiromi)
    Junko and Haruna talked about ozouni (a Japanese new year dish), and the various ways of making it.

    [They read a letter from Uemura-san of Yokohama.. Congratulations, Uemura-san! (^_^)]

    Junko: I made some glasses yesterday. I thought I always had good eyes, and I did before. But now I need them. But I forgot them today! I can hear people going "oi oi".

    Junko: In a previous broadcast, I said that Shutter Chance... was not my first single. I'm sorry I made a mistake. It is my first single.

    Junko: I read my forum on my computer every day, and I saw messages saying that people wanted to hear Sumire no Tani, the song that I sang at my Christmas Live, once more. So I'll play it. I sang it when I was 19, so my voice is a little different.

    Then Junko played Sumire no Tani.

    Junko: I sang that when I was 19. That CD is not available any more, so maybe I'll play it again sometime later.

    Junko read some more letters.

    Then Junko played Yume wo Miteita, by Shinohara Emi, from her Ashita he CD.

    Haruna: I tried snowboarding. It was fun, but difficult. Instead of sliding down, I rolled more often. After that my muscles ached for about two days.

    Haruna and Nagata Kozue read some letters.

    Haruna: Recently a seiyuu can do lots of different kinds of work. Of course there is voices for anime and movies. But there is also radio, getting pictures taken, singing.. Also right now I'm writing a column in a magazine. I think a seiyuu is the most interesting work right now.

    Then they played Anata wo Wasuretai, by Ishizuka Hiromi.

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