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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.02.11

    No No Boy (Iwao Junko)
    Sora no Okarina (Iwao Junko)
    Kaze wo Hiitara (Kunitake Mari)
    Junko: I like holidays.
    [2/12 was a national holiday]
    Haruna: Actually I was about to go to Korea during this three day weekend. I wanted to eat and go shopping. But people told me that everything would be closed because of the traditional new year. So I didn't go. I plan on going in March though.

    Junko: When I was very little I played outside in the snow. My hands were very cold so when I came inside, I tried to warm myself by the stove. Then something started to smell funny, but since I was little I didn't do anything about it. But my grandmother and grandfather rushed and tried to put out the fire because my coat caught on fire.

    Junko: When I was 20, there was a guy that I liked, and I wanted to give him a warm can of coffee. I was waiting outside of his house, but the coffee became cold because it was cold outside. So I bought another one. I wonder how many I bought. But he didn't come so I had to leave..
    Junko: Anyway, my favorite drinks are alcohol and coffee. I like the sweetness of can coffee.

    Junko: I like trying to make strange foods. I like cooking. Since it's close to Valentine's Day, I was thinking that I'll give something to the staff members, so I made some chocolate chip cookies. Usually I'm not very careful about cooking. I just do it by feel. Since I had made it successfully before, I was just cooking. But I failed! I put the cookies on the plate and baked it, but it puffed up like bread! They all got stuck together. The next time I put just a little bit and baked it. They all got burned. On the third try, I got it, but there were only 10 or so cookies.

    Junko: This song is from Golden Boy. The CD goes on sale 2/16, from KSS.
    Then Junko played her song No No Boy.

    After reading some more letters, Junko played another one of her songs, Sora no Okarina.

    Haruna: Before, when I said that I couldn't make the mini 4 ku car work, I got a lot of letters. Thank you. I got some of the staff members to help me, and I got it working. Then when I turned it on, the tires spun. But when I put it on the ground, it went speeding and crashed into the wall. So it broke. But I received another car.. and I can't get that to work either. The reason why I couldn't get it working the first time was because I had the motor in upside down.

    Haruna: Is there something that you are interested in now?
    Yukiko: Right now, I'm really into super famicom. I bought Megami Tensei II, and I'm playing that.
    Haruna: Me too! I played that before. I got up to level 60 or so. Right now I'm playing Dragon Quest 6. I play it at night, thinking that I'll just play for one hour. But when I realize it, it's already 3 AM. I like RPG the best.

    Then they played Kaze wo Hiitara by Kunitake Mari.

    Junko: How was the 30 minutes? It's not enough. I want to talk more.

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