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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.02.18

    Sloppy Joe (Iwata Mitsuo)
    Herb Garden (Iwao Junko)
    Be Natural (Hidaka Noriko)
    Some English birthday song started playing, as it was Iwao Junko's birthday.
    Haruna: Happy birthday! Blow out the candles.
    Junko tried, but she couldn't blow them out.
    Junko: It won't go out! The studio is getting smoky.. Isn't this one of those prank candles? It is! I'm so happy. Is this chocolate cake?

    Junko: I haven't done this since I was little.
    [blow out candles]

    Haruna: Are there any memories you have of your birthday?
    Junko: Recently I haven't had any work on my birthday. So I usually stayed at home. I got a fax from my family and such. But I was always alone.

    Junko read some letters.

    Question: Do you wear kigurumi when you sleep?
    Junko: No. I've done radio shows while wearing a penguin kigurumi. I've done concerts. I love kigurumi. But I don't sleep in it.

    Junko: The first thing I do when I wake up is turn on the radio. Also when I get home, I turn on the radio. I listen to the radio while I cook, and even while I read.

    They played Sloppy Joe by Iwata Mitsuo, from the Golden Boy CD that went on sale 3/16.

    Junko: I was in Golden Boy volume 1. The characters didn't have names. Iwata Mitsuo has a name, Kintarou, but the others don't. I was employee B. The song I played last week was the one I sang as employee B.

    Junko: Even if it's not an onsen, I like to stay in the batch for an hour or so.
    Haruna: Me too.
    [the sound had effects to make it sound like Junko and Haruna were in a large bath.]

    Junko: Please be careful about catching colds. To those who have caught a cold, please listen to this song.

    Then Junko played Herb Garden, one of her songs.

    They talked about some serious things (what to do in the future, how to decide on your career, etc) in Haruna's corner.

    Then they played Be Natural, by Hidaka Noriko.

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