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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.03.03

    Koibito ga Uchuujin Nara (Iwao Junko)
    Rouge no Dengon (Matsutouya Yumi)
    Daijoubusa (Nakamura Takamichi)
    Haruna: I'm Nana-chan. I was asked what my nickname was. Many people call me Nana-chan.

    Junko: There was something that made me very happy recently. I like to grow plants. The other day I found a strawberry flower for 300 yen. I bought it and took it home and put it by my window. Now it bloomed and there are a lot of fruits.
    Junko: I also like taking pictures. I want to take a good picture of it and make a postcard.

    Junko received a question from a listener: Were you on a grade school science TV program?
    Junko: About four years ago, I was on a TV program called ? Science for 6th grade science.

    Then Junko played Koibito ga Uchuujin Nara, the ending song for the anime Mojakou, that Junko sings.

    Junko: On the 1/29 broadcast, I was humming a song "Ton ton tokoton.." and I received a postcard that correctly guessed the song. (postcard from Uemura-san of Yokohama) It was a CM song.

    Since someone had correctly guessed the song, Junko played the entire song. It was a song that Junko sang in a very childish voice.

    Haruna: It doesn't sound like you. It sounds like a child.
    Junko: Actually it was supposed to be sung by some children's chorus group, but I sang it instead. So I took a job away from a group of kids..

    Junko: There are many movies that I like. For foreign films, it's Roman Holiday. For anime, it's Majo no Takkyuubin. Kiki was 13 when she had to leave and go off on her own. It's the same as me, so I was happy.
    [Junko was 13 when she left her home to come to Tokyo.]

    Then Junko played Rouge no Dengon by Matsutouya Yumi, from Majo no Takkyuubin.

    Haruna: I got a letter from people who caught colds. Many people asked how I try to prevent catching a cold.
    Haruna: First, I take a lot of vitamin C, at least 1000 mg per day. I keep a humidifier in my room and run it at full power. I gargle a lot. If I end up catching a cold, the best thing to do is sleep. But if there was work that I had to do (that I couldn't avoid), I just tell myself that I'm not sick.

    Then they played Daijoubusa by Nakamura Takamichi.

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