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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.03.10

    Shirakawa Mayu (白河真由)
    Tezuka Chiharu (手塚ちはる)
    Sora no Okarina (Iwao Junko)
    Koi Suru Otome ha Isogashii (Fairies)
    Rainbow Steps (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Junko: My birthday was 2/18, and I got a lot of letters from people who have the same birthday as me. I was very surprised.

    Junko: I was wondering if I should say it or not, but I'll say it. I started to take care of a hamster.
    Haruna: Hamsters are cute. I used to have them too. I had about five.
    Junko: I bought one that was about one month old. I had decided on getting a white one with brown spots. But when I went to the store, I saw one that was very genki. It was brown in color with a stripe on its back.
    Haruna: A squirrel?
    Junko: It really looks like a squirrel with a skinny tail. So I bought it.

    Junko: It sleeps a lot. It's cute. I named it "Goo".
    Junko: Since I live alone, now I have something to look forward to when I get home.
    Haruna: You start to talk to it, right?
    Junko: Yeah, I noticed how dark a person I am.

    Junko: Thank you for the many requests for my song.

    Then Junko played Sora no Okarina.

    Junko: Did you fall asleep? This song is like a lullaby. Please wake up. This CD single went on sale 2/21. But it's not going to be included in the album that I'm making now.

    In the past, Junko had traveled a lot on the trains, since she had gone back to her home in Oita from Tokyo. She likes traveling, reading, and listening to her walkman. Junko had also gone home on a ferry from Hiroshima before too.

    Haruna: Oh, a trip on a boat sounds nice.
    Junko: But it did get me a little sick.

    Junko: My parents like to travel too.

    Then they played Koisuru Otome ha Isogashii, by the Fairies.

    The guest this week was Shirakawa Mayu and Tezuka Chiharu, from the group Fairies.

    They talked about the digital comic Valkure no Densetsu Gaiden. There was a famicom game called Valkure no Densetsu many years ago, and this new one is a side story for Windows. It goes on sale 4/26.

    The seiyuu in Valkure no Densetsu Gaiden are Suzuki Masami, Hisakawa Aya, Ogata Megumi, and Yamadera Kouichi. The 10 girls in the group Fairies will also have minor roles in the game.

    The first pressing of the game will come with a 3 cm character figure, which is SD and not colored. There will also be a settei shiryou book. A CD containing the OP, ED, the Fairies' image song, BGM, and some CD drama will come out on 3/25.

    Haruna: Do you like computers? Have you used one before?
    Tezuka: I'm sorry, I don't have one.
    Shirakawa: Me neither.

    Then Haruna played Rainbow Steps from her album Sweetie.

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