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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.03.17

    Seki Toshihiko (関俊彦)
    Tsukui Kyousei (津久井教生)
    Nakao Ryuusei (中尾隆聖)
    Sora no Yubiwa (Ikezawa Haruna)
    There were lots of guests for this show, as they talked a lot about the musical Happy Ride, that the 81 Dramatic Company was going to perform in May. Junko was part of 81 Dramatic Company.

    Seki Toshihiko said, "This is a story about couples, and my partner is Yamadera Kouichi. What kind of couple? Well you can watch it and enjoy it."

    Tsukui Kyousei will sing and dance.

    Nakao Ryuusei is double casted with Tsukui Kyousei, i.e. they will perform the same role, on different days.

    The director is Mr. Shibamoto. "This is a story about the 10 months of pregnancy. The people one meets and the relationships and the various human love involved."

    Nakao Ryuusei said, "This is actually a re-play. We did this play a long time ago when 81 was created. But the people are different, and it will be very different.

    Then they played Sora no Yubiwa, by Ikezawa Haruna.

    They talked about the musical and the rehearsals some more. They even played a tape of some of the rehearsals.

    The musical will be 5/19 to 5/26 in Tokyo, 5/31 - 6/2 in Osaka. Tickets will go on sale 3/25, 03-3410-9318.

    In the Puku Puku Jouhoukyoku corner, Haruna interviewed Junko.

    In the musical Happy Ride, Junko does the role of a girl who will have a baby.

    Junko: Of course I don't have any experience in this, so I don't know first hand about how I would feel. But I have several friends who have gone through it, so I talked to them about how they felt.

    Junko: I like to raise things. I think in a previous broadcast I said that I was very happy when I raised a strawberry fruit. So I think I would talk a lot to my own child. So I try to imagine that in myself.

    Junko: Since this is a live stage play, the people who come to see me are different every time. I would like to leave a strong impression to those who come.

    Then they played some tapes of Junko and Kyousei singing during rehearsal.

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