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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.04.14

    Tokini Aiha (Ozaki Ami)
    2 nen ato no Propose (Iwao Junko)
    Peppermit Age (Ikezawa Haruna)
    [Ikezawa Haruna was sick.]

    Junko: This is the first broadcast of the new Puku Puku Penguin Park at the new time slot.

    Junko: Haruna isn't here today because she caught a cold. It's not because of the new show.

    They played "Tokini Aiha" (Okazaki Ami).

    Junko read some letters.

    Junko: Ever since I was around 20, I was very fond of 30's. I wanted to grow up quickly. I'm so childish for my age, so I guess I didn't like that part of myself.

    Junko: I've been to many people's weddings, and I noticed that during the "oironaoshi" (bride changing clothes), the groom drinks a lot, as everyone offers him drinks. By the end of the party, he's too drunk to notice his beautiful bride. It just becomes a wild party. So I thought that I didn't want to have a wedding. I just wanted to register the wedding and take a picture.

    Junko: But now it's different. I went to Karuizawa recently and saw the many churches there. So I've decided that I want to have my wedding there. I don't want to do a "oironaoshi". I just want a wedding dress.

    Junko: I want a white, cotton, home made style wedding dress. Can I make it myself? No, I'm afraid of needles. I can't make a wedding dress. I also want a sweet pea flower for my bouquet. I wonder why I'm getting so excited about weddings.. Anyway I would like to have someone propose to me.

    Then Junko played "2 Nen ato no Propose" (Iwao Junko).

    Junko: I went to the Star Bowling show. It's already recorded, and it will be broadcast in May. I've only bowled about four times in my life, so maybe you're wondering why I can be on Star Bowling. I'm in a new anime called Mahou Tsukai Tai. I'm doing a girl called Aikawa Akane. I teamed up with Hiroko (who does the role of Sawanoguchi Sae), and we bowled together.

    Junko: You can watch the results on TV, but my high score was 66. Not 166, 66. I'm not very good, but I really like bowling now.

    Junko: My new album will go on sale 7/19, and it's called Entrance. It's very mature. You'll be surprised.

    Junko said someone sent in a tape of a song called "Kirin-san" (giraffe). It was a children's song, and the voice was very strange. But that was Junko!

    Junko: I can't believe it. Why did they find out? I want to erase this tape as soon as possible. I wonder how many years ago I sang this. The director told me to sing it as if I had become a giraffe. I'm still doing this kind of children's song work now.

    They played "Peppermint Age" (Ikezawa Haruna).

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