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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.05.05

    Osakana Penguin no Theme (Osakana Penguin)
    Kaijuu Buusuka no Theme (Takahashi Kazue)
    Junko: How was it this week?
    Haruna: The other day I was at home watching TV, and I suddenly felt like I had to talk. I didn't know what was going on. But when I thought about it, I realized that the BGM at that time was this OP music.

    Junko and Haruna talked about school lunches. Junko said that she had milk and orange juice in triangular packs. Right now all of the drinks come in rectangular ones, or bottles, so Haruna didn't know what Junko was talking about.

    Junko: I feel like an obaasan.

    Junko and Haruna got a letter about hiccups. The listener said that he can cure it by walking backwards. Junko said that she goes around asking people to scare her, but it usually doesn't work. Haruna said that you can cure it by holding your breath for one minute.

    They got a letter from a listener who bought an automatic washing machine, but forgot to put in the detergent.

    Junko: It happens to me all the time. I wish that the detergent would come out automatically too, when I push the switch.
    Haruna: It doesn't?
    Junko: Does the detergent come out in your machine?
    Haruna: I have never done laundry.
    Junko [in a grandmother voice]: Oh, is that so. I've been doing laundry so long..
    Haruna: But out dish washing machine..
    Junko: Eh!? You have a dish washer?
    Haruna: Our dish washer has the detergent dispenser built in.

    Junko: The other day we talked about Inoue Kikuko's wedding. We received a lot of letters asking for her to come as a guest. Right now she's very busy preparing for her wedding. Please listen to the song I sang with her.

    Then Junko played Osakana Penguin no Theme by Osakana Penguin.

    Haruna: It brings back memories.
    Junko: Last year at this time, I was recording this and rehearsing for the concert. Boy, one year goes by so fast.

    Junko: I bought a palmtop computer and I wanted to talk about it. I have it here in front of me now.. When I start using it, I become very silent.
    Junko: Some people asked why I bought one since I already have a MAC. When I'm at home, I don't have enough time to read all of my mails. So I want to read it while I'm traveling around. So this computer is something that I have to protect with my life.

    Junko: Right now I use a Snoopy screen saver.
    Haruna: Please explain what a screen saver is to people who don't know.
    Junko: I don't know if I can explain it correctly. Sometimes when you are working on something, you have to stop for a while to do something else. Then the screen saver comes in.
    Haruna: Right now I use a bear screen saver.
    Junko: I have a Snoopy desktop too. The screen savers that I'm using now are Snoopy and Woodstock fighting, or Snoopy sleeping, or Snoopy flying. There are many kinds.

    Haruna: Someone sent us a LP of Buusuka!
    Junko: Do you know what a LP is?
    Haruna: Yes, I know that much.
    Haruna: The song is by Takahashi Kazue. I wonder if that's..
    Junko: Katsuo of Sazaesan.
    Haruna: Maybe we can tell if we listen to it.

    Then they played the Kaijuu Buusuka no Theme by Takahashi Kazue.

    Haruna: It's Katsuo-kun!
    Junko: It's so cute!

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