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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.05.12

    Starship 1996 (Iwao Junko)
    Beads no Yume Kazari (Iwao Junko)
    Kaze wo Tsukamaete (Ikezawa Haruna, Fuchizaki Yuriko)
    Haruna: Oh, I was very worried just now!
    Junko: What happened?
    Haruna: I went into the wrong studio. I went to the toilet, and when I came back and opened the door, it was all strangers. I had gone to the next studio.

    Junko talked about making some mistakes when she used local words when she came to Tokyo.

    Also, the term warau means "to clean up" when used on stage. Junko thought it meant "to laugh", when she was just starting out.

    Then they played Startship 1996, by Iwao Junko. This was an insert song for the TV show Mojakou.

    Then Junko and Haruna read a lot of letters.

    Junko played Beads no Yume Kazari, a song from Akange no Anne which Junko sang when she was 19 years old.

    Haruna said that when her mother was young, she came home and saw some ohagi (rice dumpling) on the table. When she ate it she discovered that it was actually daifuku (rice cake) with ants all over it!
    Junko: Scary! Ants!
    Haruna: Yes, ants.
    Junko: I thought it would be dirt or mud..

    There is one more sign in the zodiac. There used to be 12, but now there are 13. The new one is called hebi tsukai za, snake handler. One listener asked Haruna to find out more about it.
    Haruna: This story is real. With the 13 signs, I become the snake handler too.
    Junko: Really?
    Haruna: Since this is interesting, I'll look for the book and study it for next week. So with this, the personalities and such are all different from before.
    Junko: Is that how it is?

    Then they played Kaze wo Tsukamaete, by Ikezawa Haruna and Fuchizaki Yuriko, which was a song from Lets and Go.

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