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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.05.19

    Sutekina Melissa (Iwao Junko)
    Haruna had caught a cold, so her voice was a little different.

    Junko: I went back home for the first time in 1.5 years. This is the first time that I've been away for so long. It was for only one day too. I got home in the afternoon, and I had to catch a plane the next afternoon.
    Haruna: But even if it was for one day, you were able to relax?
    Junko: Yes, I went into the onsen. It's been 1.5 years, but nothing has changed. Also my dog Cologne remembered me and followed me everywhere, even to the bath. I was embarrassed, so I told him to look the other way.

    Haruna: I guess dogs can take a bath. Last year when I tried to give my rabbit a bath, he froze. He didn't move his ears of anything.
    Junko: Was he all right?
    Haruna: He's still alive now.
    Junko: I wanted to give my hamster a bath too. But when I read a book on hamsters, it said that one shouldn't give hamsters a bath.
    Haruna: I gave my hamster a bath before.
    Junko: Eh!?
    Haruna: I was in the bath, and I put him in a bowl with some water. It looked like he was trying to swim.
    Junko: Maybe he was shouting out, "Help, I can't swim!"

    Then Junko played Sutekina Melissa, which was the first single CD that she had released. It was a character image song for Melissa in Montana Jones.

    Junko: Nakao Ryuusei and Ohtsuka Akio are in the background. The recording was fun.
    Haruna: Your hair is very short in this picture. I was surprised.
    Junko: It grew a lot.

    They received a letter from someone who was writing the letter during class in school.
    Q: Did you ever do something during class?
    Junko: You shouldn't write during class. But I did it too.
    Haruna: I did a lot of things during class too. When I was in high school, my seat was next to the window. Sometimes I would sneak out the window. But if there was an empty seat, I would get noticed. So I snuck out with the desk.
    Junko: How?
    Haruna: When the teacher was looking the other way, I would put the chair outside. Then I would put the desk outside. Then I go out myself. If the desk isn't there, the teacher doesn't notice that I'm gone.
    Junko: Really?
    Haruna: Since there was a balcony right outside my window, I was able to do that.
    Junko: Wow.
    Haruna: There are also many other things too, like ordering out for food.
    Junko: What? Maybe we can make a special corner to talk about this.

    Junko: I'll give you some information about my summer concert.
    Haruna: You're going to do a concert?
    Junko: Yes. At last year's Christmas concert, I was telling myself that I would do another one. The concert will be in the Yakult Hall in Shinbashi. 8/17 (Saturday) at 18:30 and 8/18 (Sunday) at 14:00. Please call 03-3408-0371 for more information.
    Haruna: Are there still seats available?
    Junko: Yes, so please call.

    Junko: We will have a present corner! We always wanted to do another present corner, but they kept telling us that they didn't have enough budget. So we will give away the actual scripts that we are using. It's not copies. There will be 10 scripts. So please send the postcards by 6/25. Maybe there will be other presents by that time too.

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