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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.06.30

    Unmei no Entrance (Iwao Junko)
    Heian Mato Karakuri Kidan 1
    They were going to announce the winners of the present today. Junko was very excited.

    Junko said that she went to get her blood type checked.
    Haruna: How?
    Junko: They used a needle in my arm, and they took out a lot of blood.

    But Junko said that she didn't want to announce it yet.

    Then they played Unmei no Entrance by Iwao Junko, which is on her new album Entrance, which goes on sale 7/19.

    Haruna: It sounds very mature.
    Junko: I'm an adult. I'm 26 already!
    Haruna: I'm sorry.
    Haruna was a little frightened.
    Haruna: I thought there was someone else in the studio.

    Junko and Haruna read some more letters.

    Then they drew 10 postcards for the winners of the present.

    Starting this week, there is going to be a radio drama, Heian Mato Karakuri Kidan. Tonight was episode 1, Takehime Toujou. The cast was as follows.

    narration (a very cute child voice) Iwao Junko
    Takehime Iwao Junko
    Seishou Nagon Ikezawa Haruna
    Tentarou Ikezawa Haruna
    Murasaki Shikibu Mizutani Yuko
    narration Cha Furin
    Bigen Kosugi Juurouta
    Seishou Nagon Shinpa Kikuchi Shoko
    Murasaki Shikibu Shinpa Asada Yoko

    This story uses some names from history, but it is fiction.

    Haruna: How was it doing two roles?
    Junko: You have two roles too. My narration was only at the beginning, so it wasn't that hard. How was it for you?
    Haruna: There were some places where the lines were close, so some of the Seishou Nagon might have had some Tentarou in it.
    Junko: Let's try our best.

    Junko announced that her summer concert had sold out. So there was going to be another additional concert.

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