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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.09.08

    Okashi na Paradise (Osakana Penguin)
    Junko: Did you go see fireworks this summer?
    Haruna: Yes, I went for work.
    Junko: I went twice this year, Choufu and Futako Tamagawa. It was very emotional.

    Junko said that she was actually too close at Futako Tamagawa, and the sparks came down at her. Also a friend of hers made some delicious beef croquettes. Junko was saving it for last, as Junko likes to save her favorites for last, but the sparks came flying onto it so she couldn't eat it.

    There was a question from a listener: Are you the type who eats your favorite food first or last?
    Haruna: I would take one bite first, to enjoy it. Then I'll save the rest for last.
    Junko: But you never know what happens, so maybe it's better to eat it first.

    Junko and Haruna read some more letters about food. Junko said that she didn't like ohagi.

    Then Junko played Okashi na Paradise by Osakana Penguin.

    Haruna: The other day I was walking in Shibuya Station, and I saw someone that looked just like Kikuko. Her hair, clothes, bag, everything was just like her. But I remembered your story and I couldn't talk to her. When I got to the studio, I found out it was her.

    Junko: We still want Kikuko to come over as a guest. Please wait for her.

    Junko said that Guu-chan was no 45 grams, and Colo-chan was 52 grams. Colo-chan was 29 grams when she bought him, and she found out that the average Jungurian hamster only grew to 43 grams..

    Both Haruna and Junko love chocolate parfait.

    Junko said that she bought anti-light curtains, so that it got pitch dark when she closed the curtains. But since she can't sleep in the dark, she keeps a little light on.

    Junko uses four alarms in order to wake up.
    Haruna: I have one by my pillow, one below the bed, and one just outside my room.
    Junko: I can never put one by my pillow. Right now I have the first one very far away, in the corner of my room. The second one is on the bottom bookshelf. The third one is in the middle of the bookshelf. The last one is the timer on the stereo.
    Haruna: I tried listening to a CD, but I listened to the whole CD and it shut off after that.
    Junko: The CD makes me sleep.
    Haruna: You have to play hard rock or heavy metal or dance music.
    Junko: I play Iwao Junko.

    Then they played Pretty Girl by Ikezawa Haruna, which was sung in the voice of Jessica from Lunar Silver Star Story.

    The Heian Mato Karakurikidan drama will start again next week.

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