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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.09.15

    Shutter Chance no Renzoku (Iwao Junko)
    Heian Mato Karakurikidan 2 no Maki, episode 1
    Junko: Tonight is the 50th broadcast!

    Junko: I bought a new TV! Before I had a 21 inch, but this time I bought a 25 inch. I've always wanted a big TV.

    Haruna: I wish I had some happy news too.
    Junko: That.
    Haruna: I bought a kalidescope.

    Haruna said that she went to a kalidescope store, the only one in Japan. There were many very expensive and fancy kinds, but she bought the cheapest one, costing 5000 yen.

    Junko played her song, Shutter Chance no Renzoku.

    Junko: For my concert, this was the encore song. All the other songs were quiet songs, so we got lively with this song.

    Junko and Haruna read letters about food.

    The drama was Heian Mato Karakurikidan 2 no Maki, episode 1.

    Junko will have several signing sessions for her new picture collection book that goes on sale 9/20. 9/21 in Kobe, 9/22 in Nagoya, 9/23 in Tokyo, and 9/23 in Ikebukuro.

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