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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.11.17

    Taped message
    Nishimura Chinami (西村ちなみ)
    Nagareboshi wo Kudasai (Nishimura Chinami)
    Heian Mato Karakurikidan 3 no Maki, episode 2
    Junko and Haruna: Penguin-nya!

    Junko and Haruna were happy that the script has finally been changed. Instead of konbanha (good evening), it says penguin nya.

    Someone asked if Junko had learned to swim this year.
    [Junko had said in an earlier broadcast that she bought a new swimsuit.]

    Junko: I still didn't wear it.
    Haruna: But you wore it in your bath.
    Junko: I wore it in my bath about twice, and I even took a picture of myself with a self timer. Someday, I want to show everyone.

    Junko: Near my house in Beppu, there is a resort hotel with a large bath with slides and such. Ever since I was little, I was afraid of those.
    Haruna: Are you even afraid of the slides in the park?
    Junko: Yes.
    Haruna: Are you afraid of the height or afraid of sliding?
    Junko: Both.
    Haruna: Then you can't go to the amusement park!
    Junko: That's right, I can't go!

    Junko is afraid of many things, but she likes to go skiing. She's afraid of the lift, so she asks them to stop the lift when she gets on and when she gets off.

    There was a taped message from Nishimura Chinami. Chinami mentioned that she will have her first album coming out on 11/21, called Chinaism. She will also be a guest at Junko's Seiyuu Collection event on 11/27, and she will sing some songs there.

    Junko said that she was surprised to find out that she was the same age a Chinami. [But Junko is one school year ahead of Chinami.] Junko and Haruna said that Chinami also eats a lot.

    A listener sent in a recipe for a snack with bread, bacon, and cheese. Junko said that she ate something similar for breakfast that day. Junko put mayonaise, bacon, cheese, and pepper on a piece of bread, and heated it in the oven.

    The drama was Heian Mato Karakurikidan 3 no Maki, episode 2.

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