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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.11.24

    Heian Mato Karakurikidan 3 no Maki, episode 3
    Junko: Thanks to those who came to today and yesterday's Gakuensai.
    [Junko had events on 11/23 and 11/24 at school festivals in Kyuushuu and Kyoto.]
    Haruna: Was it good?
    Junko: Yes. Usually I sing slow songs, but this time I sang faster songs so everyone can cheer along.

    Junko: Do you wash dishes after you eat?
    Haruna: Um.. um..
    Junko: Did I ask something bad?
    Haruna: We have a dish washer.
    Junko: Oh yeah, you said so before.
    Haruna: Ours is an American one, so it's pretty big. It takes a while for it to get filled. Right now it's just me and my mother, so the dish washer doesn't get filled quickly.
    Junko: So you have to wash dishes sometimes?
    Haruna: Yes.

    Junko: When I go to Akihabara, I see the dish washer and I think that things have become very convenient. But if we get all of these things, the humans will become bad.
    Haruna: I don't think so. If things are convenient, it's good.
    Junko: Yes, it's as you say.

    There was a letter from someone (a boy) who told his girl friend that he had written a letter to a 17 year old girl. [Junko was going around saying that she was 17.] But the girl friend got upset because he wouldn't tell her who the 17 year old girl was.

    Junko: I would get mad too. I get jealous very easily.

    The drama was Heian Mato Karakurikidan 3 no Maki, episode 3.

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