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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1997.01.19

    Omoide no Door (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Sotto Chikau Toki (Iwao Junko)
    Junko announced a new URL for her home page. It's at http://www.stgaia.co.jp/~junjun/.

    Someone sent in some funny (and food related) subtitles for Junko's home page. Junko liked it and said that she might use some, and asked people for more titles. Junko's current title is Iwao Junko's Kaki Fry, Watashi Lemon Shibori Mashita. [Junko's Fried Oysters, I squeezed the lemon on it.]

    They played Omoide no Door, by Ikezawa Haruna.

    A listener sent in a funny questionnaire to check Junko's swimming inability.

    Q: Can't open eyes underwater.
    Junko: True.

    Q: Can't stand in shallow water.
    Junko: False.

    Q: Can't run in shallow water.
    Junko: True.

    Q: Can't run in deep pool using hands.
    Junko: True.

    Q: Can't kick.
    Junko: False.

    Q: Can't go underwater.
    Junko: True.

    Q: Can't do free style.
    Junko: True.

    Q: Can't do breast stroke.
    Junko: Of course!

    Q: Can't do back stroke.
    Junko: Of course!

    Q: Can't breathe.
    Junko: That's why I can't swim!

    Junko: I want to be able to swim.. I have a dolphin bathing suit.

    During the CM (right before Haruna's corner), Junko thought that the radio show was ending already. She wondered why it went so quickly..

    Haruna had a different hair style today. She even changed the color. Haruna's friend has a beauty parlor, so she goes there to get her hair done. When her hair was straight, she had colored it red (or wine color). But this time she got a four tsunami perm, which took seven hours! The color of her hair was now red and green. The reason for this color..

    Haruna: When I was riding the train, I looked around and saw that everyone had brown hair. So I didn't want to be the same..

    There will be a new radio drama starting, called Grand Ole. Both Junko and Haruna will have roles in it, and Junko will even sing the OP song.

    Then they played Sotto Chikau Toki, by Iwao Junko.

    Junko will have a concert on 3/17 and 3/18, at the Aoyama Gekijou.

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