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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1997.02.09

    Fire (Iwao Junko)
    Gran Doll 2
    Junko fell asleep on the sofa again.. and this time she rolled over and hit her elbow on the table. She said that she has a big bruise now. Now she can't wear a short sleeve shirt in her concert.

    Haruna said that she get bruises very easily. The other day Haruna got two bruises on her knees. She didn't know when she got them, but then she realized that it was because she fell when she tried to sit down (Japanese style). Then Haruna demonstrated (to Junko) how that happened.

    They played Junko's song Fire from the game Little Step. This was the rearranged album version. Since this was sung in a very different voice, it doesn't sound like Junko at all.

    The drama was Chou Kousoku Gran Doll episode 2. Voices: Shigiru (Miyamura Yuko), Grand Knight (Ohtsuka Akio), teacher (Yasui Kunihiko), tennis club member (Mizutani Yuko), senpai (Morikawa Toshiyuki), Hikaru (Iwao Junko), and Haruna (Ikezawa Haruna).

    Haruna will have her seiyuu collection event on 2/18 at the Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou.

    Junko will have her concert on 3/17 and 3/18.

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